Stephen K. Tyring, MD, PhD.

Stephen K. Tyring, MD., PhD., MBA, is a board certified Dermatologist and a principle Investigator for over 300 successfully completed clinical trials.  He was President of the Texas Dermatological Society (2009-2010) and is a current member of the American Academy of Dermatology, Infectious Disease Society of America, as well as the American Federation for Clinical Research. 

Dr. Tyring is an assistant editor for the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. He sits on several editorial boards and serves as a reviewer for a number of journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, Antiviral Research, Archives of Dermatology, Journal of Infectious Diseases and Annals of Internal Medicine.


Medical Director, Center for Clinical Studies

Dermatologist, Dermatological Association of Texas

​Clinical Professor:                                     
          Departments of Dermatology, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics and Internal Medicine (Infectious Diseases)
          The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston

          The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
          The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston
Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences:
          The School of Public Health
          The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston

Dr. Tyring’s research interests include the therapy and prevention of various mucocutaneous diseases, especially those disorders with an infectious and/or immunological basis. 


  1. Role of specific viruses in sexually transmitted diseases: HPV, HIV, HSV, VZV 

  2. Role of these viruses in the pathogenesis squamous cell carcinomas of the skin, cervix,  ano-genital mucosa, and     oral epithelia

  3. Association of human herpes 8 virus with specific human diseases

  4. Mechanism of action of cytokines and immunomodulatory agents as antiviral agents

  5. Impact of cytokines and immunomodulatory agents on oncogenes and suppressor genes 

  6. Evaluation and testing of new antiviral and antitumor agents in clinical trials

  7. Evaluation and testing of new antiviral vaccines: HPV, HIV, HSV, VZV


Dr. Tyring is the author of over 700 journal articles and book chapters as well as nine books:

  1. Interferon: Principals and Medical Applications

  2. Human Papillomaviruses: Clinical and Scientific Advances

  3. Mucocutaneous Manifestations of Viral Diseases

  4. Antiviral Agents, Vaccines and Immunotherapies

  5. Mucosal Immunology and Virology

  6. Tropical Dermatology

  7. Clinical and Basic Immunodermatology

  8. Sexually transmitted Infections

  9. Herpesviridae



  • 1967-1971 Indiana State University, B.A. (Biology/Chemistry)

  • 1971-1973 Abilene Christian University, M.S. (Biology/Chemistry)

  • 1975-1976 Texas A & M University (Microbiology)

  • 1976-1979 Texas Tech University, Ph.D. (Medical Microbiology)

  • 1979-1983 University of Texas Medical Branch, M.D.

  • 1979-1984 University of Texas Medical Branch, Postdoctoral training (with Dr. Samuel Baron, Chairman, Department of Microbiology)

  • 1983-1984 University of Texas Medical Branch, Internship in Internal Medicine

  • 1984-1987 University of Alabama in Birmingham, Resident in Dermatology

  • 2001-2003 Rice University, Masters in Business Administration


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